How to Clean Clogged HP Inkjet Cartridge

Clogging in the ink jets devices only prevent you from finishing the high-quality urgent print jobs. Like other devices which regularly needs to be cleansed, same applies for inkjet printers. These clogged cartridges occur when you don’t use your printer for too long. This ink start deteriorating with the passage of time and either dries up or turns to sludge. And then start impairing the printer performance.

You’ll know if you have clogged ink jets or not while getting gaps in printing. Although, there are easy steps for cleaning inkjet cartridge, but HP printer has an automatic cleaning function which is easy to perform.
Cartridge-Plate-n-Contacts3-with-insetFollow the below explained steps to perform the cleaning process:

  • Remove the memory card after looking out for its slot. Depending upon the printer model you are using, memory card slots are available in different places. It is an important step so if you have any queries then refer the owner’s manual.
  • Now, take a print test page. Just check whether your printer tray has sheets in it. With the help of arrow keys and menu function locate the print test page function. If you get a clean test page without any dots or streaks then you don’t have to clean your cartridge.
  • Begin the automatic clean function. Again with the help of arrow keys and menu function search ‘Clean the Print Cartridges’ on the LCD screen.
  • Wait until the function clears the cartridge. During the cleaning the carriage which holds the cartridge will move.
  • Now, check the second test page after the clean function is performed.
  • You can begin the second level of cleaning. Many HP printers model refer this second cleaning process on the LCD menu as ‘Continue to the Second Level of Cleaning’ and then click OK button.
  • After the second level of clearing now check with the third test page after printing. You can leave the cleaning function and start with the printing jobs with your HP device once you start getting clean test page.

Contact HP Support NZ if you are looking for guidance over the issue.
If you are unable to get a good quality printout even after performing the above steps then call the team of experts at HP printer support NZ +64-04-8879109. We assure you to get better solution for the query without wasting your time.

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